The Y nurtures the potential of children through the youth sports program by strengthening character in our youth, engaging families, and building lasting relationships. Participants in these programs build skills, learn about teamwork, and focus on sportsmanship. Families are presented with second-to-none volunteer opportunities as coaches, team parents, and committee members.

To register online, learn season specific information,  view game schedules or to see current season standings, please visit The Shawnee YMCA QuickScores Website.

Baseball (Coed)

  • Ages 3-12
  • Summer Season (May-July)
  • Registration: March-May

The Summer League is designed to teach young players the fundamentals of the game. Participants will learn how to catch, throw, and bat in a fun team atmosphere. The Shawnee Family YMCA offers tball, Coach Pitch, and Kid Pitch, and based off age.


  • Pre K - 7th grade (ages 3-12)

Basketball was invented at the YMCA in 1891.  It’s now your time to dribble, shoot and score big with the SHAWNEE FAMILY YMCA’s youth basketball league.

The Developmental League will have an emphasis on the development and understanding of the game of basketball. Officials will be more lenient and assist in helping the child learn. The season consists of 6 games. The Developmental League is open for children Pre k - 7th grade (ages 3-12). For ages 7 & up, the league is gender specific. Age groups may be combined, depending on registration. This league is the standard YMCA League. 



  • Ages 5-12
  • Fall Season (September-October)
  • Registration: June-August
  • Winter Season (January-February)
  • Registration: October-December

Cheerleading is a great way to build self-confidence. The YMCA youth cheer program promotes and upholds team spirit and develops good sportsmanship. The cheer squad is vocal leaders on the flag football field every Saturday. Cheer introduces age-appropriate cheer motions, jumps, tumbling skills, chants, and cheer-style dance in a safe and fun environment.

 Flag Football

  • Ages 5-12
  • Fall Season (September-October)
  • Registration: June-August

YMCA youth flag football is a recreational program designed for youngsters new to the sport of football as well as those not quite ready for tackle football. The Y flag football program is geared toward those youth who want to learn how to play the sport, brush up on the rules, tactics, and skills, improve their game and most importantly have fun. 


  • Ages 3-12
  • Seasons: Spring (Indoor, March-April) & Fall (Outdoor, September-October)
  • Registration: Spring (January-March) & Fall (June-August)

YMCA Soccer offers children a place to practice skill development through kicking, passing, dribbling and shooting on goal. All while creating relationships with their friends and developing a passion for the game.  The Shawnee Family YMCA offers an Indoor League during the Spring that prevents rain outs and combats low temperatures during the Oklahoma Spring Months and an Outdoor League during the Fall to enjoy the warm weather and crisp air.


  • Ages 7-12
  • Seasons: Fall (September-October)
  • Registration:  Fall (June-August)

Originally called mintonette, volleyball was created by the YMCA. An experimental game, mintonette combined a variation of the badminton net with elements of basketball, the German game of fistball and handball.

The philosophy of YMCA youth sports programs is to use sports as a tool to develop each participant physically, mentally and spiritually. Children will have the opportunity to learn the basic volleyball fundamentals such as underhand serving, setting, hitting, and digging in a positive environment.

Track & Field

  • Ages 4-14
  • Spring Season March - May
  • Registration: January-February

Grab your shoes and run! This league is designed to introduce children to the lifelong sport of running. The YMCA follows the Hershey’s Track & Field Rules for events and equipment requirements. The season includes weekly practices and 4 meets in different YMCA communities across Central Oklahoma.