YMCA Swim lessons classes

Parent Child:

Members: $10.00
Non-Member: $35.00
Youth Member: $35.00

This instruction is conducted with the expert insight of trained swimmers and the comfort of parents in the water.

This class doesn’t just teach your infant to be comfortable in the water but builds a strong bond with the parent and child of trust and allows for a memorable experience of development. All that is asked for this class is to please bring swim attire along with a willingness to learn.

Your child will discover comfort with your help in the water and expert instructor facilitation. Parents are required to be present, working in the water with your own child.

Private Swim Lessons:

Members: $50.00
Non-Member: $75.00

This personal instruction is conducted by experienced swim instructors that cater the lesson plan to work specifically on your child’s needed areas of improvement. Times may vary based on your scheduling needs along with the instructors.

This instruction is 4 lessons each 30 minutes long. These 4 lessons should be completed in the month of January. Rescheduled lessons will only be allowed one of your four lessons and must be communicated within a 12-24 hour advance notice. We will do our best to accommodate your swim instructor requests.

We will connect you with available swim instructors upon your registration. These lessons must be completed exclusively in our facility during our operational hours within the month of registration.

Group Swim Lessons:

Members: $30.00
Non-Member: $55.00
Youth Member: $55.00

This is state of the art instruction to allow for water acclimation and overall safety around different water sources.

All that is asked for this class is to please bring swim attire, a willingness to learn, and parental supervision is required. Registration requires you to receive communication regarding pool reminder notices and announcements of any possible pool closing.